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f i k a

[ fee-ka ] - Swedish

Fika is a twice daily coffee break with baked goods served alone or in groups of people, indoors or outdoors. It is a time to take a rest from work and chat with friends or colleagues.

Fika reflects the Swedish ideal of slowing down to appreciate life's small joys. 



Tin Ceiling was opened by Barbara Smith in 1993 in historic downtown Holland, Michigan. A life-long love of Scandinavian design leads Barbara's inspiration for the store where she stocks functional and simple designs created in a traditional European craftsmanship style. In Tin Ceiling you will find bright colors, unique traditions, nostalgic children's books, and whimsical Michigan-made goods, not to mention hard-to-find chocolates, teas, and treats. 

Word Art Tin Ceiling.PNG (1).png
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